Mac behaving badly? Have you checked it for viruses?

Wait, What?! Macs get viruses?! YES! If your Mac is running funny and doing weird things, it’s time to check it for viruses, spyware and adware.


Here is a handy guide to removing spyware and adware from your Mac:


Next you are going to want to make sure you have an awesome Mac antivirus AND that it is updated. I recommend Bitdefender, which is fast, effective and has a low impact on your system’s performance.


Here is a great review of Mac Antivirus programs for 2016:,review-2588-6.html


Using these tools your Mac should be healthy, happy and virus-free!!



WordPress been hacked?

Do you know how to prevent that or what to do if it happens?


In the last 24 hours my WordPress site has been targeted for attack from international internet addresses multiple times. With a few simple proactive steps, I was able to notified of the attacks and mount a successful defense.


There are a lot of easy steps you can take to protect your WordPress site. Check out this detailed article on protecting your site today!

How WordPress Sites Get Hacked (And What to Do About It)

choose your own content on facebook

Are you following a Facebook page, but not seeing any posts?  Why let Facebook decide what you see? Choose your OWN content and read what YOU decide is important to you!


You can adjust your notifications for Facebook to make sure that you see the content that you want to see, not what Facebook thinks you should see.


Step 1: Login to Facebook



Step 2: go to the page that you Liked and hover over the Liked button. Click the pencil next to “IN YOUR NEWS FEED.”



Step 3: On the next window titled “Choose what you see from this page” select in what order you want to see posts from this page (first, default or not at all). Then click Notifications.



Step 4: Another window will open where you can select exactly what you want to see from this page. Make your selections and then click Done to start seeing the content you choose to see!


your personal Facebook archive

Did you know you can download a copy of everything you’ve ever posted to Facebook?


Facebook has become an archive of our lives- a scrapbook of sorts. You can download an archive of all your posts, photographs and videos that you have shared, messages and chat conversations and the info from the About section of your profile, plus more.

Step 1: Login to Facebookfacebook-signin
Step 2: click the downward facing arrow next to the padlock and choose “Settings”

Step 3: Click Download a copy of your Facebook data

Step 4: Click the green “Start My Archive” button

Step 5: Click the blue “Start My Archive” button

Step 6: Wait for your archive link to be emailed to you at your Facebook registered email address