choose your own content on facebook

Are you following a Facebook page, but not seeing any posts?  Why let Facebook decide what you see? Choose your OWN content and read what YOU decide is important to you!


You can adjust your notifications for Facebook to make sure that you see the content that you want to see, not what Facebook thinks you should see.


Step 1: Login to Facebook



Step 2: go to the page that you Liked and hover over the Liked button. Click the pencil next to “IN YOUR NEWS FEED.”



Step 3: On the next window titled “Choose what you see from this page” select in what order you want to see posts from this page (first, default or not at all). Then click Notifications.



Step 4: Another window will open where you can select exactly what you want to see from this page. Make your selections and then click Done to start seeing the content you choose to see!