Best Photo Backup Service

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“I’m wondering about the best way to back up photos, especially when you have older computers.”


What cloud product should you trust to keep your photos safe? When choosing a cloud service you need to consider: file restrictions, cost, compatibility and reputation- reliability, security & speed. Weighing all of these factors, you can find the solution for your specific needs.
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Google Photos Dropbox Amazon Photo iCloud
Maximum file size 5GB 10GB (website) or unlimited with app 2GB (website) or unlimited with app 15GB
Free storage Unlimited photos <16 megapixels

15GB >16 megapixels

2GB No*

*included in Prime

5GB for iOS users

1GB non iOS users

Paid Plans $2/month 100GB

$10/month 1TB

$10/month 1TB

$99/ year

$60/year unlimited

included in Prime

50GB: $0.99

200GB: $2.99

1TB: $9.99

2TB: $19.99

OS supported Windows, Mac, Android, iOS Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Kindle Fire Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Kindle Fire Windows, Mac, iOS
review Cnet Review

PC Mag Review

Cnet review

PC Mag Review

PC Mag Review PC Mag Review



What is the difference between “sync” and “backup”?


The saved photo will change across all platforms (phone, tablet, computer) based on your changes to the photo.

For example, you take a photo of Fido with your phone. After the file completes syncing, you open the photo from your phone to share and notice that Fido has red eye. So you edit the photo to remove the red eye. You accidentally remove Fido’s nose in the edit, but save the photo anyway. When the file syncs, Fido has no nose on any platform- phone, tablet, and laptop.


Lucky for you and Fido, most syncing services allow you to roll back your changes.


An extra copy of your original photo exists on the cloud.

For example, in the same scenario above you could edit the photo on your phone and there would still be a copy of the original backed up photo on the cloud service.