Slow computer? Quick, easy DIY for SPEED!

By managing your startup items, you can Speed up your computer in under 10 minutes for FREE!  A clean startup helps speed up a slow computer, regardless of platform.


Over time, as you install apps, unnecessary entries are added to startup causing competition for precious CPU time. How do you get your speed back?  You have the power to easily disable unnecessary apps.  Programs remain installed and available, but will not be running in the background until YOU start them.


for Mac, Go to:
System Preferences → Users & Groups → your username
click on “Login Items” → select a program you do not need to automatically start
click the “-” button below


for PC, Go to:
Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Delete) → click on “Startup”
select a program that you do not need to automatically start
click “Disable”


Reducing the number of startup programs is a quick & easy way to help add speed to your computer!

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