Since I can remember, I have tinkered- tinkered with electronics, hardware and software, tinkered with machines, tinkered with wood and cloth, paper and earth.  I have an eclectic variety of knowledge of how things work and are made.  I'll tell you just about the computer part for now.  In 1989, I started out programming 1's and 0's for just for fun.  Fast forward to college in 1998, friends and even strangers would show up at my dorm (sometimes in the middle of the night!) requesting computer repairs.  My hobby was starting to take on a life of it's own.

In 2002, after graduating college, I spent a year volunteering with AmeriCorps, writing computer education curriculum for high school students and tutoring computer and internet usage.  I enjoyed teaching so much that I began pursuing a master's in education, all the while being pursued by people with requests to "fix my computer."  I kept right on fixing computers in my spare time, until 2003.

In 2003, while at a "Big Box Store" I overheard an elderly lady trying make a simple purchase. I stood listening to the clerk deploying "techno-babble" assuring her that she would need an ever growing list of items.   I thought of my own grandmother and how she was afraid to even talk to one of the "techies" at the Big Box Stores.  When he stepped away, she stood dazed.  I walked over and I advised her of what she did and didn't need (much to her surprise and relief).   It felt so good to arm her with knowledge, and watch he walk out with her purchase.  I went home and Tinkering Gnome Computing was born.

You can rest assured that as a "Service Only" business,  we will never pressure you to buy anything!  We are here to help you to navigate the dynamic world of technology in an honest and efficient manner and to keep your computer running in tip top shape!